Our office

Ludwig & Van Dam Advocaten is a law firm that specializes entirely in franchise and other partnerships and has been a market leader of its kind in the Netherlands since 1996. The office has extensive knowledge and experience and is characterized by a high level of thinking and working. This level manifests itself, among other things, in a conscientious attitude to the profession in combination with a client-oriented approach. The office assists both franchisors and franchisees. Franchisors are given sustainable guidance, including in the drafting and review of franchise agreements and related contracts.

In addition, the office is active in reorganizations of franchise organizations. Franchisees are also guided, including in the form of long-term assistance to the boards of associations of franchisees and acting on behalf of (groups of) franchisees in conflict situations. In addition to a considerable consultancy practice, the office has a specific litigation practice, ranging from mediation to litigation. It also acts as an arbitrator.

Various office colleagues frequently publish and perform at seminars, workshops, et cetera. Ludwig & Van Dam Advocaten is a member of the Dutch Franchise Association.