Franchise constructions can sometimes contain elements of agency. In concrete terms, this is the case when the franchisee mediates in the establishment of a transaction between the consumer and the franchisor and/or mediates in the establishment of a transaction between the consumer and a party other than the franchisor.
Examples include constructions in the financial services sector, in which the franchisee mediates, for example, in arranging mortgages between the consumer and a lender to be named (bank or insurance company, or another lender) or constructions in which franchisees take care of for the conclusion of temporary employment or temporary employment contracts between the mediated workers and (a large) client.

If there is a typical franchise situation, i.e. a situation in which the franchisee actively sells his products himself, and also carries out marketing, in short, applies a franchise formula, the competition regulations, as they apply to all franchise relationships, also apply when there are there are agency elements in a franchise construction. Franchisor and franchisee must therefore be aware that in the case of specific termination arrangements, subjects such as exclusive purchase, exclusive territory, etc. must also be dealt with correctly under competition law.

In practice, the fields of agency and franchising can be combined well if the specific elements from both areas are combined in advance and, in particular, communication is made between franchisor and franchisee.

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